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Seeps: a threat all Mallee farmers can conquer

Farmers from across the South Australian and Victorian Mallee region now face the serious threat of permanent loss of productive farming land to the scourge of seeps. 

Mallee Sustainable Farming is now providing much needed support to farmers to help them tackle this problem head-on through identifying how such seeps sites can be best managed and remediated.

Here you will find valuable information for developing practical and innovative management practices arising from targeted on-farm research and demonstrations and farmer experience.

Working together with Mallee Farmers

is Australia's best research and extension capability

Mallee farmers are not alone in taking on the threat of Mallee Seeps. Mallee Sustainable Farming has recruited the best in research expertise from CSIRO, Frontier Farming and the University of Adelaide in an effort to better understand why, how and where Seeps are most likely to occur.


Complementing this is exceptional extension capability and farmer linkages provided by Insight Agricultural Extension, AgriVision, Mallee CMA, Coorong-Tatiara LAP and the Murraylands and Riverlands Landscape Board, not to mention valuable inputs from Mallee farmers themselves; who are collectively developing practical solutions to remediate seep affected land to help bring it back into production.

All of these efforts would not be possible without the generous support of the National Landcare Program, the Grains Research and Development Corporation and the Murraylands and Riverland Landscapes Board.


Mallee Seeps Field Day

The Aim of Mallee Seeps Projects

Working with Mallee farmers, the project aims to:

  • Create an awareness and understanding of the potential threat posed by Mallee seeps.
  • Identify practical strategies to reduce the impact of seeps and remediate seep-affected land through increased utilisation of soil water within paddocks.
  • Support farmers in making informed decisions that reduce the on-going threat of seeps.

All Mallee farmers are invited to participate in this important project, share their experiences and develop practical long-term solutions to beating seeps.

Practical information to help beat seeps at your finger-tips

The Mallee Seeps web site is designed to provide Mallee farmers with practical tools and information so that they can make practical, informed management decisions in an effort to better manage and remediate valuable farming land that is affected by seeps. Delayed action will only result in seep affected land becoming less productive. No action will result in the permanent loss of valuable farming land. Act now, learn from practical on-farm research, demonstrations and farmer case studies.

Sponsors Acknowledgement

This project is supported by Mallee Sustainable Farming, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and the Grains Research Development Corporation and the SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board